VFW Post Nominations and Election Procedure Guide


Prior to the opening of nominations, the Post shall decide which form of election shall be used, unless the Post By-Laws specify the manner of election. (By Secret Ballots, by show of hands, Poll system, etc.)

If a Post votes on elections to be by Secret Ballot then the post Commander shall appoint an Election Committee consisting of 2 Tellers and 1 Judge. They are designated to safeguard the election and the Ballots.
(Some Posts may use their Trustees, if they are not Nominees).

Under New Business

At this time we will be opening nominations for VFW Post Officers for the ensuing VFW year.

The  order of nominations dna elections shall be Commander, Senior Vice Commander, Junior Vice Commander, Quartermaster and Trustee(s).

Nominations will now open.

Nominees shall be asked if they accept the Nomination as Nominated.

We will close nominations till the April Membership Meeting where we will open nominations once more and then we will conduct the Election process.

The business in order will be the Election of Officers and that while such
Election of Officers is in progress, no member may enter or leave the room during the Election of any one Officer except for valid reasons: in which case, they shall not be permitted to re-enter the room until that one Officer is Elected.

The order of nominations and elections shal be Commander, Vice Commander, Junior Vice Commander, Quartermaster, and Trustee(s).

Announcement of Previous Nominations and re-open Nominations. 
Each Nominee shall be asked fi they accept the Nomination.

(Close nominations after calling for other nominations three times).
"Is there any other Nominations?
Is there any other Nominations?
Is there any other Nominations?"
The Nominations are now closed. (One Gavel Rap)

Following the last nomination, for that Office, Candidates given a chance to Address Membership on pledge of service.

In the case of only one Candidate having been nominated for an Office, the following is the accepted Procedure.

Commander: "Hearing no further nominations, I hereby declare______
(name) elected by acclamation as_______ (title) for the ensuing year" "Comrade______, do you accept this Office?"

Officer Elect: I do. (Words of gratitude and pledge given by the Officer-elect, (short)

Commander: I hereby declare Comrade______duly elected as_____for the ensuing year.

NOTE: A majority vote OF ALL VOTES CAST shall be necessary to elect.
This is, ONE more than half of all votes cast.
It is often interpreted that a majority shall be necessary to elect.
This is not according to the National VFW By-laws.
It does not mean just a majority or Plurality (thus legalizing the election of one who receives less than a majority of the votes but more than any other candidate.
(The Election Committee Judge shall announce the results of the Ballot Count to the Post Commander). 

Election Committee Judge (Addressing the Commander) 
"Comrade Commander, the results of the vote is as follows: 
The number of Votes cast was_____
The number of Votes necessary for election is_____
We find_____votes for candidate "A", and_____votes for candidate "B".

The report signed by all Tellers agreeing to it, is then handed to the Commander who formally announces the results, repeating the figures.

Al Post Election Membership Meeting Business must be included in the minutes of the Meeting.

This Guide for VFW Post Nominations and Election Procedure was composed by me, 
Antonio "Tony" Vasquez. This is only a suggested Guide.

Antonio Vasquez
National Deputy Chief of Staff (210) 683-6628